Our holiday bible club ran from Monday 5th– Friday 9thAugust. On average there were 40 children in attendance each night. The theme over the week was Epic Explorers. Epic Explorers took children through Mark’s Gospel as they explored the life of Jesus together. On the way they discovered who Jesus is, why he came, and what it means to follow him. Each night we sang, had a talk, and then the children were taught a memory verse. By the end of the week they were able to recite Mark 10 v 45 from memory.  Most evenings the Primary 1-3 children grouped together and completed a craft activity while the Primary 4-7 children had games followed by juice and biscuits. We then swapped over. We came together to conclude the evening by completing a quiz and praying together. 

A few months ago we were approached by Newtownards Food Bank, asking if we would be able to provide a meal before or after our club, as they had identified a need in the area. We felt this was a good idea. Mandy McCavery kindly volunteered to coordinate this large task. Mandy, along with her team of Edith Hyndman and Sarah McNeill, provided tea for on average 32 children each evening before the club began. We were able to use our new premises on 7 Lower Mary Street to serve the food and it was a great success.

Parents were invited to come along on Friday evening for dinner. We enjoyed pizza from Little Wing. Our minister Robert gave a short talk that was followed by the children singing the song learned during the week and reciting the memory verse. 

We thank God for the children who came, the safety we had and the atmosphere of warmth and fun we enjoyed with the children and their parents.

It has been great to be part of the HBC team this year and to have the opportunity to share the Gospel with boys and girls. On behalf of the team, I would like to thank you for your prayers and encourage you to continue to pray for the seeds that have been sown this week.

Laura McCavery, Newtownards RPC

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