Situated in the center of the US in a small college town, our congregation was without a pastor for two years but we can testify that we were richly sustained by the Lord while we awaited the pastor God desired for us!  That man, Pastor Brian Wright, wife Lisa, son Emmett (2 yrs) and now baby Jenna answered God’s call to service.  

The congregation comprises a cross-section of ages and enjoys a veritable feasting on God’s word as Pastor Wright and session lead us in morning worship and an afternoon lesson. During the week small group study adds opportunities for personal growth.

As a regional church, some families drive round-trip distances of 150-200 miles. For this reason, we have church dinner each Sabbath enabling us to eat together, get to know each other and stay connected. Following lunch, a second meeting for prayer and teaching rather than an evening service several hours later enables all to participate and reminds us that all of Sabbath is the Lord’s day.

Our youth are: growing in God’s Word, having the opportunity to learn to precent the psalms and recently delighting in starting their own local Covenanter Youth (CY) meetings for youth ages 12 to 22. 

Since the youth are geographically distant, meetings are infrequent but packed full of teaching and activities.  The youth arrive on a Saturday morning to spend all day in lectures, service projects, meals, and games. They are hosted in homes in Sterling overnight and rejoin their families at worship the next day. This year’s theme is ‘Identity in Christ’ with the first meeting in August attended by fifteen!

Things we hear people say at Sterling RP Church include”

  • I Love hearing children pray. 
  • Knowing I was truly lifted before the Lord in prayer helped me live another day! 
  • I am constantly being challenged by God’s Word. 
  • I love my small group family!
  • We (college students) love the home-cooked food! 🙂
  • My children have an ‘extended family’ of all ages!

Sterling RP Church invites you to join us and share God blessings whenever you are in our area!

Betty Calderwood

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