Anugraha Reformed Presbyterian Church hosted her first ever Vacation Bible School this year. The VBS spanned four Saturdays and had a total attendance of 32 children from varying backgrounds. Some were neighborhood kids who came from either Roman Catholic or Hindu families for whom this was a first. Several other kids were children of Anugraha’s friends who came from believing families. 

Midway through we received about 15 children from a children’s care home, who all enjoyed the zestful singing, colorful crafts, silly games, and animated story-telling. Some of these children had never heard these stories. And for children who were familiar with the Bible, listening to the stories from a redemptive perspective was an eye-opener. 

Kids witnessed creative depictions of temple curtains tearing, the offering of a sacrificial lamb, and blood being smeared on large doors. Blood mingled with the flood as Noah’s ark danced on the wrathful waters covered only by a rainbow canopy. Their eyes sparkled and hearts opened up as they witnessed the marvelous story of the Bible unfold before them. Some of the children could not help but wear out their parents with the joyful singing of catechism songs and Psalms on repeat, so much so that their parents wrote to us asking for more songs! 

We witnessed a final program on June 2nd where children shared the gospel story, from “Dust to Glory,” through the various crafts they had made during the four weeks. The evening ended with the worst thunderstorm this year, but that provided an opportunity for caregivers of the children to stay back and fellowship with us. We’re hoping to continue to be in touch with many of these children and invite them to our church’s Sunday school program.

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