Congregation History

First Reformed Presbyterian Church Grand Rapids began as a congregation of the ARP in February 2000. The congregation transferred to the RPCNA in October 2007. We currently have 29 members, ranging from small children to saints in their eighties. First RP is a congregation that loves the Word, preaching, fellowship, and evangelism.

Congregational Life

Our congregation is an active one. We worship twice every Lord’s Day with weekly Sabbath school, monthly congregational meals, and after service hospitality and fellowship. Our Wednesday night prayer meeting is, as Spurgeon would say, our engine room. We pray for God’s glory to cover the whole earth as we intercede on behalf of the lost and stir one another up to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ. The sisters in the congregation feed their souls in monthly Thursday night Bible/book study and feed the body (as well as the soul) in their monthly Saturday breakfast.

Congregational Evangelism

Christ commanded, “Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.” We may be a small congregation, but we, by God’s grace, endeavor to do such with regular evangelism.

The congregation has been engaged in jail ministry for a number of years. Sisters weekly serve the local women’s jail with Bible studies and counselling. Brothers also attended the men’s jail until recently. This can be hard-work, and often discouraging, yet the Lord’s face shines upon the sisters as they joyfully extol the glorious gospel of salvation to those in need of the Savior.

Every Tuesday we take the gospel to the streets of Grand Rapids at Rosa Park Circle. This is a busy downtown square where people pass by, sit for ice cream and coffee, and attend the various events throughout the year. We set up a table full of Bibles and resources, hand out tracts, engage in one on one conversations, and preach the gospel in the open air. We do this also at various events and festivals such as ArtPrize. This is a work which helps to remind us of what is most important, eternity! So many people without God and hope in the world pass by heading towards eternal torments in hell. We have the wonderful freedom to go out and tell all of the perfect atonement of our Lord. We are thankful to God for the fruit this has borne. Many have attended church, come to Bible studies, and started relationships through this ministry.

Congregational Prayer Requests

Nothing in Christ’s kingdom is built but by prayer, so please pray:

  1. That we would continue to grow in holiness and love for Christ
  2. That we would raise up local elders in the congregation
  3. That the Holy Spirit would convert lost sinners and be discipled
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