On Friday night, the 26th April, almost 30 people from the Airdrie congregation as well as friends from Glasgow and Stranraer RP churches gathered for a ‘Chile Night’. We video called Rev. Marcelo Sanchez, the RPCNA church planting minister in Chile. Rev. McMillan interviewed him about his life, the church in Chile, and the country as a whole.

Marcelo & Barbara Sanchez

Rev. Sanchez has been a RPCNA church planting minister in Chile for two years now, and his congregation meets in two places: Batuco, Chile where he lives as well as in Santiago, the capital of Chile.

Santiago, Chile

Rev. Sanchez shared with us how he became a Christian, how he was called into the ministry, how he became a Reformed Presbyterian, as well as the books that have influenced him and some of the lessons he has learned in his ministry. He spoke about the nation of Chile and the apathy to the Gospel there.

He told us about the congregation there comprised of all ages, and their desire to speak the Gospel to their friends, family, and neighbours. He also spoke of the need for ministers in Chile, and their desire to see young men in the congregation be called into the ministry. They are hoping to be organised as a particular congregation and no longer a church plant in the autumn. Please continue to keep Rev. Sanchez and the congregation in Chile in your prayers.

Congregational Meal

After the video call finished, we then enjoyed a meal and further time of enjoyable conversation with each other.

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