April 29th begins what is referred to as “Golden Week” in Japan. It is when a series of holidays happen to be all bunched together. This year Golden Week is extended to 10 days due to added events around the Japanese imperial transition.

Emperor Akihito of Japan is set to abdicate on 30 April 2019, which will make him the first Japanese Emperor to do so in over two hundred years. This marks the end of the Heisei period and will precipitate numerous festivities leading up to the accession of his successor, Crown Prince Naruhito. The enthronement ceremony will likely happen on 22 October 2019. Akihito’s younger son, Prince Akishino, is expected to become his brother’s heir presumptive.

Pray for the nation of Japan during this time, that many would reflect on the fallibility and temporality of human thrones. Pray that the Holy Spirit would use this time to cause people to seek a perfect and eternal throne found only Jesus Christ, Crown Prince of the heavens and the earth—including Japan. 

Prayer Requests from Japan

  • Praise God for the opportunity to connect with people at the worship services this past Easter Sunday. Several RP churches had an afternoon sermon/event that reflected on Christ’s death and resurrection, as well as reflected on Christians who have passed away. Pray for those who were in attendance this past Sunday but aren’t regularly coming to church. Pray that the Spirit would use the sermon and occasion to bear fruit in them. 
  • Pray for the English Bible Class. Pastor Charlie Leach and his wife Susan have returned to Japan for a few weeks and have joined in for these English classes. The students have had good conversations with them these past two weeks. Pray that this time would continue to be filled with good times with good questions and answers.
  • Pray that members in the church would seek to serve and fellowship with others in the church.

Thanks to RP Global Missions for sharing this update with us.

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