A couple of weeks ago our team was invited to a celebration for an older lady, Aleec (pronounced Ah-laych), who has regained sight in one eye after many years of blindness in both eyes.  She had cataract surgery and now she can see again!

In this land, which is desperately underdeveloped in medical care, it is not uncommon to hear of special, week-long clinics where a team of visiting doctors come and treat hundreds of people for one particular ailment. In this case, a cataract clinic was held at a hospital three hours away from here, and Aleec was able to go with a little help from our team to cover the cost of transportation.

This gift of sight is making a tremendous difference in Aleec’s life. She can now go places on her own, cook, cultivate in her field and see colors again! Aleec’s daughter, Abuk, a committed believer who is well known, threw a big celebration to publicly thank God for this good providence in her mother’s life!

We praise God for his mercy in granting humans the ingenuity and skills that enable doctors to perform surgeries such as these.  We praise Him for bringing these doctors to South Sudan. Please pray that God will raise up doctors in South Sudan and other medical professionals.

Prayer Requests

  • Thank God with us for Aleec’s restored vision and for the celebration that was held to acknowledge that this was a gift from God.
  • Pray that one day there would be more medical professionals in South Sudan. 
  • Pray for the many that we know who suffer from undiagnosed illnesses and inadequate medical care. May they find their hope in the One who heals all our diseases.
  • Pray that the simple lessons in preventative health, which have been taught to women in the Parot church, would continue to multiply and bear kingdom fruit.

Thanks to RP Global Missions for sharing this story with us.

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