Christ Church, Floyd, NY, (RPCNA) has seen many blessings in her twenty-one years. She has grown from one family to twenty-one households of members and adherents, from a mission church of the Oswego, NY, congregation to an independent congregation, from moving from one rented venue after another to having her own church building, complete on eight acres with a house. We have much for which to be grateful!

Our church building was given to us for free by a Baptist congregation that was closing. Free was a deceptive adjective, as the church was in a bad state of repair. It took months of work by members of the congregation, the presbytery, and other churches, as well as other hired help to make it fit to use. We finally moved into the building in October of 2015. There is still much work to be done. In spite of having no kitchen facilities, the women of the church have managed a monthly fellowship meal and even a large celebration to thank God and all the churches and people who made it possible for us to move into the building.

Several years ago the Lord opened a door to a special ministry for us at a local nursing home. We hold a worship service there each Lord’s Day afternoon and a weekday Bible study. This ministry has given us the opportunity to minister to many people whom the world has been glad to throw away. Some of the folks from the nursing home have expressed interest in joining us for morning worship and are given rides to church by members of the congregation.

Our emphasis on Biblical preaching, regulative worship, and lively congregational fellowship set us apart from not only the culture, but the majority of other churches. One or all of these characteristics have drawn our members to us. In addition to the weekly worship service and the service and study at the nursing home, we have Sabbath school before worship each Lord’s Day and a Bible study each Thursday plus a women’s monthly book study, weekly women’s prayer meeting, as well as the  monthly fellowship meal. Many of our families homeschool their children and are part of a Classical Christian Academy. Our pastor, Aaron Goerner, teaches the Bible classes for the academy.

Our community is in the area where Charles Finney preached a false gospel, and the results of it can still be seen. There is very little of the true gospel to be had these days in central New York. We have  a friendly relationship with one Reformed Baptist congregation near us, but there is no other sound reformed church in the area. It is a field rich with possibility. Pray for us that we may be able to make Christ known in this dry area.

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