Pursuit of Glory: A disciple’s journey with Jesus (by former Sudan missionary Vince Ward and his son Samuel) is free on Kindle this week (US / CAN / UK / FR / AU / JP). Below is a review by Rev. Joel Loughridge of Cloughmills RPC:

This book worth reading at full price. It’s especially worth reading when it’s free on Kindle for the rest of this week!

It’s worth reading because it’s shorter than it looks, chapters are brief, it’s filled with names you’ll recognise and it even has pictures.

It’s worth reading if you’re a church member, especially in the Irish Reformed Presbyterian Church. God has blessed the work of the Cush for Christ team in Aweil, South Sudan. Perhaps you, like me, remember attending the meetings they hosted en-route to Sudan in 2006, have read the prayer requests in our Missionary Prayer Letter, but not really grasped the big picture. The fruit of Vince Ward’s vision and labour is the self-governing, self supporting, self-propagating indigenous South Sudan Community Church. In little over 10 years God grew a new denomination from scratch. Great are the works of the Lord, and they are worth reading about.

It’s worth reading if you are an elder or a pastor. Vince speaks openly of his mission, motivation and mistakes. His single minded intensity will challenge you in how you lead God’s work.

It’s worth reading if you are involved in church-planting: on the ground, or overseeing as an interim elder, or on a mission committee. Vince wrestled with how to plant a reformed and presbyterian church in a reformed and presbyterian manner. It’s worth reading because it should provoke much needed thought, especially in those seeking to start new Reformed Presbyterian works in new countries.

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