Colin Samul and Christopher Myers booth sat their ordination exams during the recent meeting of the Pacific Coast Presbytery. Several other exams occurred over the weekend, all were very encouraging and showing a high level of theological knowledge and spirituality among our students of theology.

 Jerry Foltz passed his pastoral gifts examination. Seni Adeyemi passed a very difficult, written English Bible exam with a grade in the high 80s. He also was examined on his personal godliness and did quite well. Stephen Mulder, from Edmonton, AB showed a high proficiency of theological knowledge in his first systematics exam. His pastor, Bob Hackett had the privilege of reading him his vows. James Zhou, a member of Squamish, was presented to the presbytery and taken under care as a student of theology. James also preached his first specimen sermon and was examined in personal godliness. Despite his mother tongue being Chinese and English being relatively new, he did very well.

Currently we have the following theological students, would you pray for these men?

Nathan Eshelman, Clerk of the Pacific Coast Presbytery

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