Sharon RP Church was established 172 years ago in 1846. Sharon RP is a gospel loving congregation in a rural farm community. The building is 3 miles down a gravel road and is located in Southeastern Iowa. The congregation spent the last year seeking a new pastor. Our Lord was good to us during that time, we always had someone proclaim God’s word each week. The Lord also blessed us with a successful Vacation Bible School  bringing children from the surrounding communities to learn of God and his word. 

In July last year we celebrated the ordination and installation of Bryan Schneider as our new pastor. The congregation has grown in our knowledge of God’s word through the weekly preaching, Sabbath School, and midweek Bible studies.

Our prayer is that the Lord might continue to let us rejoice in his great love and promises to his glory and praise. We also pray that he might give us opportunities to reach out to the unchurched in our area with the Gospel that gives ultimate peace.

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