God has been faithful in encouraging the saint in our church through the ministry of hospitality. One of the families in our congregation has begun to regularly host a small group for meals in their apartment. Generally, the group is a handful of members, small enough that everyone can get to know each other a bit more. 

This seems to have been a great blessing, as it has sparked a general increase in the desire for fellowship. The time is usually spent singing a couple of Psalms together and listening to each other’s testimonies. I find it a blessing and insightful to hear how God has brought people to himself. I would like to share some of these testimonies with you.

One member was invited to church by a friend, went for a time, but had stopped going. When her husband fell ill, she began to pray a lot. After he recovered, she began going to church again. As she grew in her faith, she started to witness to her husband. Although resistant for quite some time, her husband came to faith as well.

Another member always felt like many of the things she heard or read in the world didn’t line up with what she saw. Later in her life, she was invited to church by a friend and she began reading the Bible and saw that it lined up with reality. After that, she devoted herself to Christ.

This same woman was witnessing to her son. Unfortunately, he wasn’t a fan of reading in general and, therefore, found reading the Bible difficult. However, he began to watch short sermons on Youtube and, through this, he came to faith.

As I listened to these testimonies, I find that most people come to faith through invitations from friends to church, or through the witnessing of a family member. 

Prayer Requests. 

  • Pray that the members in the church will continue to engage in fellowship and encourage each other. 
  • Pray for discipleship within the church. Pray for both those who are teaching and learning. 
  • Pray that we may continue to grow in our joy in the Lord and love for one another. 

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