On Saturday 9th March, Rev Andrew McMillan was inducted as the new minister of the Airdrie congregation. Their previous minister (Rev Dr Andrew Quigley) moved to Canada in August 2018. A call was made out to Rev McMillan in November of the same year, which he then answered on Dec 31st. The ten weeks since then have involved lots of planning and preparation in anticipation of todays induction.

Rev Stephen McCollum (moderator of Presbytery) preached from Ezra ch 7, addressing both the new minister and the congregation, highlighting the difficult and often unseen duties of a preacher.

The congregation was then asked to stand as the vows were put to Mr McMillan, who answered in the affirmative before being inducted to office in prayer.

Following the close of the service Mr Ian Shaw, a long standing elder of the congregation gave a speech.

He sincerely thanked Rev Peter Loughridge (North Edinburgh RPCS) for all the work he undertook during his time as interim moderator and welcomed the new minister on behalf of the congregation.

Beth Bogue presented Mrs Brenda McMillan with a floral arrangement and welcomed her to the congregation.

Rev McMillan then gave some closing remarks, thanking those who had helped him in his Christian walk so far including his wife Brenda for her support over the past 14 years since the journey into ministry began.

The service and speeches were followed by a buffet lunch in the church hall. Please Remember Rev McMillan and the Airdrie congregation as they embark on this new journey together.

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