Christ Reformed Presbyterian Church was planted by First RP Church of Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2007. For 12 years the congregation has met for worship in East Providence, just across the Seekonk River from the capital of Rhode Island,  Providence. 

Providence and the state of Rhode Island are known, if they are known at all, for their beautiful coastline, historic colonial streets, and institutions of higher learning. But many are not aware of the economic depression that has gripped the region for many decades since the decline of industry and shipping. Today, the greater Providence region continues to live in the shadow of the city of Boston, Massachusetts–economically as well as culturally.

As with many congregations serving transitory coastal cities, Christ RPC has the joy and sorrow of welcoming new members only to send them away again when university, work, or visa come to their end. For many years we have served among the central African refugees who have settled in the city of Providence, and we continue to pray that the Lord will give success to his Kingdom through our efforts. 

Many have described New England as “rocky spiritual soil.” But by God’s grace we have found that the simplicity and ruggedness of historic Reformed Presbyterian worship and life have allowed us to grow in a place where many new churches have struggled. We rejoice that King Jesus has assembled Christ RPC from many regions and nations, and we pray that he would make us bold witnesses.

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