One of the great benefits of belonging to the RP church is being part of a worldwide body of people who all believe the same thing and worship in the same way. Check out this video of the saints in Japan singing Psalm 25!

Isn’t it an amazing thing to be at a concert and sing a famous song along with the artist and thousands of fans? It’s a moment of incredibly powerful community. Even better: every Sunday when we sing Psalms together, we are joining with the church of the past 3,000 years. Although Psalm-singing isn’t the majority practice right now, it certainly has been for most of church history. Singing Psalms is a way to deeply enjoy our Spiritual unity with every saint.

 By singing Psalms, we’re giving ourselves to the one hymnal the church will ever be able to agree upon – if we’re serious about showing the unity of the people of God, this is one great way! ~ Jared Olivetti, Gentle Reformation


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