The Ridgefield Park Church, located just across the Hudson River from New York City, is descended from congregations that were at one time in the New York City area and northern New Jersey since the late 18th century. The current pastor intends to retire from this pastorate at the end of March, 2019. But the work will continue, the Lord willing, by God’s grace in the capable hands of the ruling elders, Glen Chin and David Weir as they serve under the Head of the Church, Jesus Christ.

An early pastor in New York City was called to a church in upstate New York and announced that he would accept the call on the condition that slave-owners in that church would give up their slavery. This was a powerful message that compelled these former slave-owners to comply so they freed their slaves.

In the 21st century this church proclaims the only Gospel which is able to deliver people from slavery to sin. On Independence Day in the United States, one of the oldest parades in the country marches by the church building, so in 1997 members of the church began offering a ‘cup of cold water’ to those who came on that day. In the ensuing years other activities have been added including face painting, marching in the parade distributing items to parade-watchers, and in 2018 free popcorn was offered for the first time. Of course, all of this is to seek opportunities to speak to parade-watchers about Christ and to offer them literature. A second outreach time is offered in the fall when the local business fair covers Main Street. Next to the RPRPC booth the Gideons distribute copies of the New Testament—nearly 1000 copies some years. Other forms of outreach include times when members go out on the street to engage people and a time of caroling in the neighborhood just before Christmas.

This is an international area and the membership of the church is truly international. In this little church there are members who were born in each of five countries and visitors who have come in 2018, some of whom are staying with us, were born in at least five other countries. Close relatives of current members have served Christ in missions in Syria, Cyprus, China, Japan and South Sudan, so global missions are on the hearts of the members. There has been opportunity to minister to those who have served their native countries and some are returning to those nations with the Gospel.

Whatever part of the nation or the world you call ‘home,’ you are welcome to join God’s people in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey, USA.


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