The Biblical Doctrine of Heaven & Hell – Edward Donnelly

Prof. Donnelly deals here with the Bible’s teaching on both Heaven and Hell. The opening chapters are wisely devoted to Hell allowing the reader to finish the book contemplating Heaven. Dealing with the widespread unbelief in Hell, Prof. Donnelly, with surgeon like precision, cuts to the heart of the issue and diagnoses the problem in our own hearts and in society in general. He lays open our own failure to grasp the awfulness of sin and the holiness of God.

Prof. Donnelly’s approach to this most disturbing of doctrines is characterised with a tender compassion for his readers and a passionate concern for God’s glory and His word. He does not avoid the difficult and distressing issues and deals with questions as they arise in the reader’s mind.

His pointed application is made, not just to Christian and non-Christian generally, but to those careless, those afraid, those in distress over loved ones, those unaffected, those doubting their salvation, and all with tenderness, clarity and a powerful challenge.

If the section on Hell drives us to greater appreciation of our salvation and to a more urgent evangelism, the subsequent section on Heaven does exactly the same. Prof Donnelly cuts through all the whimsical nonsense which usually portrays Heaven and gives us a majestically biblical God-centred perspective. It fills us with hope and anticipation, and inspires us to worship. Many times, as you read this book, you will find yourself saying, “Thank you, Lord, thank you.”

If you want to love your God, your Saviour and your neighbour more, buy this book and read it.

Mark Loughridge, Pastor @ New Life Fellowship, Letterkenny (Ireland)

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