Our new pastor, Robert Robb, was installed on Friday 23rd November 2018. He and his wife Lynn are originally from Belfast. They have served the RP Church in the congregation of Limavady for almost 14 years and more recently had been church planting in Enniskillen for the past 10 years. Robert is a joiner by trade and also worked as a door to door milk delivery man for 11 years. Lynn works with people with special needs, her expertise being working with children with learning difficulties.

Rev Nigel Agnew putting installation questions to Mr Robb

The Elders of Ballenon and Ballylane. From Left Mr Andrew Herron, Mr Jim Minnish, Mr Billy Wilson, Pastor Robert Robb, Mr John Hill, Mr Shannon Stewart, and Mr Ian Douglas.

A congregational lunch was held on Rev Robb’s first Sunday  – 25th November.

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