Cloughmills Congregation (RPCI) recently met together for our annual church weekend! Each year we enjoy times of teaching, fellowship, eating and friendship. Our church weekend runs from the Friday night through to Sabbath evening’s service and this year we were delighted to have Rev Prof Edward Donnelly as our speaker. This was a particular treat as Ted is known to many of us either as brother, uncle or former pastor!









The focus of our talks was ‘Our Calling in Christ’. We enjoyed digging deeper into God’s word and were encouraged and blessed as we thought about how God has ‘Called us by Grace’, ‘Called us to be Saints’ and how He ‘Calls us to Glory’. We have a loving God who saves us, who works in us to make us more like Jesus and who gives us the promise of eternal glory through Christ!

As well as meeting together for spiritual nourishment, we shared supper, lunches, evening meals and the more than the occasional cup of tea or coffee! Although meal times are busy in preparing food, serving, clearing up or washing dishes, these times are enjoyable as we work together as a team, serving one another. Thanks go to our chief cook Margaret for doing more than her share of cooking and co-ordinating the rest of us (no mean feat!)

On Saturday afternoon we enjoyed the family quiz and challenges set by Pete and Linda. Everyone enjoyed this fun time together, but the children in particular enjoyed seeing some of the adults taking their turn at doing something a little silly! We also took some time in the afternoon for a walk, the children enjoyed watching a DVD and some others took time to sit and chat over a cuppa.

In Cloughmills our numbers are small and we always enjoy the company of others who come to join with us. Over the course of the weekend we enjoyed having Ted and Lorna and having an opportunity to catch up with them. We also enjoyed having some of our regulars who visit our evening services when time allows, thank you for your continued encouragement and fellowship.

Following on from our invitation to the folks in Cookstown last year, again we enjoyed a time of fellowship with those who were able to come. Thank you also to Paul Wright for leading a seminar on Abortion on Saturday morning.

On Sabbath morning before our Worship Service some members of our congregation share things they were doing over the summer. We love listening to the children talk about their times at church camps and others who were able to benefit from time spent at the Family Holiday Conference at Gold Coast.

The church weekend is a very special time. Getting to spend time with your church family is good and learning together from God’s word over a concentrated time frame is something none of us take for granted. God has blessed this time together again and again. I would encourage your congregation to consider running a time like this if it doesn’t already!

Anne Forgrave

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