The Pacific Coast Presbytery met here Friday and Saturday for our fall meeting. The meeting began with theological student, Trace Turner preaching from Ruth 2. Several theological students were taken under care to begin pastoral training: Seni Adeyemi (Phoenix), Bi Hong (Irvine), Johnathan Kruis (Los Angeles), and Noah Shepherd (San Diego).

We currently have 10 students under care, a 107 year record for our presbytery.

Pastor Eshelman gave Trace Turner a personal godliness exam, a required exam towards licensure, and he was sustained.

Theological student, Mr. Stephen Mulder, a classically trained musician and former church organist, presented a church history examination paper on the history of instruments in Christian worship. He was sustained in that examination-paper.

Mr. Noah Shepherd from San Diego, a Westminster Seminary California student, took four examinations: preaching, personal godliness, systematic theology 1, and a church history paper. He was sustained in all of those examinations.

The English Bible Exam, a notoriously difficult written examination was taken by Mr. Shepherd and Mr. Turner. Both of them got over 90% on the examination (the highest grades I have ever seen!). Mr. Shepherd was then licensed to preach the gospel.

It is a good time to be a member of the PacPres. We are very encouraged!

Nathan Eshelman, Presbytery Clerk 

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