• In June we were praying about 3 nights of outreach services. Praise God for 18 people who came over the 3 nights, who are not normally at our church (and most of them not at any church). Some have been back since; many haven’t. Pray that God will work through what they’ve already heard, and also bring them back.


  • One of the biggest encouragements was 5 young people from DIME (the local Christian youth club some of our church help at) being at these services. Some of them, and some others, have been at church on Sundays since June. All of these teenagers are from non-Christian families. Pray they keep coming and pray God saves them.
  • Pray for Rachel Nelson, who for the next year is working part-time as a teacher so that she can do short-term service with our church. Her main goal is to get more involved in serving in church and community activities (especially some of the doors God is opening with local young people). One door God has opened through June’s Mission Team is that Rachel will be going into one of the local primary schools once a week for an after-school Scripture Union group. Pray that God will be at work through all of Rachel’s efforts.

  • Please keep praying for our new or young Christians. They are mostly doing well and growing in their faith, and becoming more aware of the war they’re now in. Please keep praying for them in the battle – that they would see it for what it is, that there would be joy in Jesus, and they would know He is worthy of whatever He asks of them.
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