On Thursday evening 25thOctober 2018, 33 members, friends and representatives of Presbytery gathered in the church building at Sligo Road for the constitution of the Enniskillen Fellowship as a congregation of the RPCI. Rev Bill Matthess, Associate Pastor of Enniskillen and Moderator of the Western Presbytery, welcomed everyone and introduced the opening praise, Psalm 127. 

Rev Dr Andrew Kerr of Knockbracken, Moderator, brought greetings from Synod. He read Leviticus 16 v 15-22 and then preached on the importance and significance of the Day of Atonement which assures us that we are a holy people before God, inspires and motivates us to holy devotion to God and points forward to the ultimate sacrifice for sin, the death and resurrection of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Following the singing of Psalm 15A, Rev Raymond Blair (Limavady) formally constituted the congregation in prayer. He then read Ephesians 4 v 7-16 before reminding the Enniskillen congregation that three things are essential for the working of the body – the parts must be closely connected to, and supporting, one another; they need to be active in service for one another; and they must be connected to the head, which directs all activities. And, of course, this applies especially to the body of believers.

The formal part of the evening concluded with the singing of Psalm 133 and the benediction. The ladies then served a lovely supper, much appreciated by everyone.

As the historical narrative of the programme reminded us, the Home Section of the Mission Committee decided to begin work in Enniskillen in October 2005 and in August 2008 it was agreed to seek to plant a church there, encouraged by the commitment of three families. Rev Robert Robb was commissioned as Organising Pastor on 26thFebruary 2009. At this time worship services were conducted in the Clinton Centre but in December 2010 the present premises were purchased and in January 2016 Rev Bill Matthess became Associate Pastor. The Western Presbytery gave permission in September 2018 for the Fellowship to become a fully-fledged congregation.

It is encouraging to reflect on the story of this, our only work in County Fermanagh. As a denomination we give thanks for the progress to date and look to God to bless the new congregation – its pastors, members, adherents and children – as they seek to continue to witness to the saving work of Jesus Christ in this part of the province.

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