The RPCNA Mission Church of Birmingham, AL welcomed ten communicant members on October 21, during the 1:00 PM worship service. The Lord’s Supper was celebrated following a sermon rooted in First John 3:10-18, ‘A Feast of Love.’ Two faithful adherents also participated in the service as well as two covenant children – the younger awaiting her baptism in the near future. 

Paul Martin, Regional Home Missionary of the Presbytery of the Alleghenies, and Bruce Backensto, both members of the Temporary Governing Body (TGB), were present to lead the congregation in worship. Dr. Steven Wilson, ruling elder of the Rose Point, PA, RPC and Brian Panichelle, ruling elder of the Manchester, PA, RPC, also members of the
TGB, were in Birmingham the previous weekend helping prepare those who affirmed and signed the Covenant of Communicant Membership in public covenanting fashion during the service.

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