Last time (May), I began with, “We are full steam ahead recruiting for the Fall. With one of our largest ever graduating classes, we need one of our largest ever incoming classes, if the Lord is willing. You can pray with us for that.”

We are still full steam, but are not anywhere near our largest ever incoming class. Please keep praying. In my brief experience, we usually get about 90% of the students that we accept. This year, it is about 50%! Some of those are going to other schools (some good schools, and some not so good), some are not going to seminary after all, and several are still hoping to come to RPTS, but not this year. 

In addition to the new students that we do have already registered for Fall classes, we have a number of prospective students trying to apply in time to study with us. 

Remember, if you, or someone you know would like to get seminary information, please provide contact information here. For our $99 audit information click here. For more information call Ed Blackwood at 412-731-6000 or click here to email.

Ed Blackwood

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