Vows were reviewed, messages were prepared, and cakes were baked in eager anticipation of the installation service held at College Hill RP Church of Beaver Falls, PA on the evening of September 14 for Pastor George Gregory. Many people of all ages and from various RP congregations gathered in the auditorium of the church in witness and support of the newly elected pastor.

The service was opened by Pastor Titus Martin with a reading from Psalm 47, calling all people to sing praises to our God and King. And after a long journey to this culminating moment, both for the church and for George, it truly was an evening filled with praise.

With the large gathering of people, the walls of the auditorium resounded with singing. Pastor Lucas Hannah began his moderation of the installation, calling upon the congregation to voice their acceptance of George not simply with an “I do,” but “with enthusiasm!” The congregation voiced their enthusiastic support, followed by Pastor George’s declaration of acceptance.

Several pastors from near and far provided convicting messages of encouragement and hope, and a deeply moving reminder about suffering with a charge to our congregation was given by Pastor Blocki of North Hills RPC.

The prayer of Installation was given by Pastor Micah Ramsey of Eastvale RPC, providing one of the most moving moments of the evening. Elders from many congregations, spanding generations, came forward, surrounding George, as Pastor Micah led the congregation in prayer, calling on God for his blessing upon George’s ministry.

The evening closed in prayer and song, and the attendees made their way to the beautifully prepared reception in the Fellowship Hall. Tabi Ward and the other women in the congregation put together an afterparty with floral arrangements, delicately skewered snacks, and numerous varieties of pies and cakes. The congregation enjoyed a joyous time of fellowship, rejoicing together in the provision of our Lord.

Lauren Kozak, College Hill

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