I’m taking a career break from primary school teaching this year to work part time with my church in North Edinburgh doing short-term service. This involves getting immersed in the local community and getting to know those in it, with the hope of building relationships that will eventually lead to sharing the gospel and making disciples.

God has opened doors for me so far in the area of youth work specifically, and many of my afternoons and evenings will be spent helping to lead at local youth clubs or after school clubs, some with a Christian evangelistic focus and some without, as well as starting a group for girls who frequently worship with us but who have no background Christian knowledge.

I also get to be involved in Bible studies with some new Christians, and I leave time in the week to be available to meet people 1:1 as well for personal study of material relevant to our church context.


North Edinburgh RP Church is based in an area of housing schemes (council estates/projects), with many associated social problems such as drug and alcohol abuse, crime and broken families. It’s eye opening to see the opportunities for witness that exist right on our doorstep by simply living intentionally in a community where the effects of social deprivation are most obvious, yet provide such an opportunity for the gospel to shine brighter.

I have a lot to learn this year and I am so excited to have the chance to watch God’s kingdom unfold in this small corner of His mission field in a more up close way in these next 12 months. If you would like to pray for me this year, please pray that:

  • God will open up opportunities for me to meet the people He wants me to meet in this area
  • God will give me boldness to speak the truth into other people’s lives, and the courage to pursue and maintain relationships with them
  • God’s name will be lifted up in North Edinburgh, and that many will come from unlikely places to praise His name where it has not been praised before

If you’d like to receive more prayer updates from our church, please email our pastor Peter Loughridge: peterloughridge@hotmail.com Thankyou!

Rachel Nelson, North Edinburgh RPC

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