Aok (pronounced “a-oak”) and her husband Agorong are one of the very few couples in the Parot Community Church where both the husband and the wife are professing believers. In January of this year, they hosted a meal to publicly thank God for deliverance from a particular medical condition from which Aok had suffered.

At that time they shared that they were praying that God would give them another son. They had seven daughters and only one son. In this culture, it is desirable to have both sons and daughters, but since it’s only sons who pass on their forefathers’ names, having more than one son is preferable. We were especially impressed to see that Agorong was laying his petition before the Lord rather than visiting the witchdoctor or taking a second wife to increase his chances of gaining another son.

Two weeks ago, members of our team were invited to another celebration hosted by Aok and Agorong, this time to thank God for the arrival of their twins, Achan (girl) and Garang (boy). Several church members were in attendance and a few of the local pastors shared messages at this joyous event. Thank the Lord with us for the faithfulness of this family and this answer to prayer!

Prayer requests:

  • Pray that God would raise up more covenant families within the South Sudan Community Church. Pray for the conversion of the unbelieving husbands of women within the church. Pray that believers would rejoice in whatever children the Lord gives them.  Pray they would raise their children in the fear of the Lord.
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