This year on the Cloughmills GO team we were involved with the holiday bible club in the morning and the theme was spy kids. The children looked for evidence from the Bible about God, sin and Jesus.


We organized a family fun day on the Friday for the parents to come to to see what their children had learned during the week. In the evening there was the youth club for older kids and they learned all about the story of Esther. On the Friday evening we all went out to the Ballypatrick forest just outside Ballycastle and played games like capture the flag and had a chippie after.

My highlights were definitely the holiday bible club because I love working with small children and the talks that Joel Loughridge and Peter Dundee took. They talked about Philippians 1 and God’s amazing grace and peace to us. Even through the difficult times we need to remember that God is good. We see God’s goodness in His love, compassion, care and that He has giving himself to His people.

The prayer times were also a great highlight.

I loved being around other christians praying for each other and all that’s going on in their and other people’s lives. It was one of my most encouraging moments of that week.

The Cloughmills GO team was a great experience for me and I’ve been encouraged by God a lot after the week came to an end. I thank Joel and Abigail, Peter and all of the helpers at the holiday bible club and youth club who made the week so amazing for every member on the go team.

Rachel Jemphrey, Galway 

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