For the past few months, Bangalore has been under the gloom of thunderous storm clouds and torrential rains, with temperatures dropping to about 70oF.


It might be laughable for our friends from the West if they heard us Indians ever mention how cold and sick we feel in this weather. Yet, rains are coming, and that is always good news for a country that is predominantly agrarian. Church life too has been witnessing many showers from the Lord in terms of renewed life, vigor, and yes, even harvest! Anugraha has been seeing a steep increase in first-time visitors, adherents and those interested in becoming members.

Recently, a young cosmopolitan lady from a Hindu background came to saving faith in the Lord Jesus and now regularly attends our church services and events. Here is a portion of her confession:

“While listening to [a sermon online], I was struck by the thought of the extent of God’s love for sinners like us. Us, who have turned away from him completely and dead in our sins, loves us so much that he gave up his Son for us … you almost get the feeling that God loved us more than his own Son, who he shared an eternity of mutual love with. Oh, my! When you think of that, it just amazes you. God loves me so much? SO MUCH? REALLY? ME? Even after all I’ve done against you? And God says, ‘Of course!’ … Lord, thank you for loving me so much and pulling me out of my future of your just wrath. Thank you for loving me so much that you have given me your Spirit that you have now enabled me to receive your love and praise you!”

Another man, Sunil by name, was a fruit of the labors of our church as he made a credible profession of faith in Christ, after much wrestling with the reality of Christ’s Deity. Other unbelievers have also been frequenting our church, some more regularly than others, pondering the astonishing Christ, as Pastor Venky preaches through the book of Mark. Truly, we are astonished by our Christ!

Please praise God for these precious souls and pray for:

  • Those whom we are reaching out to personally, as well as those we are reaching out to strategically, that they too may enter the kingdom of Christ.
  • Those who are attending the women’s bible study on God’s covenant love story. Please pray that more women would join in who have never heard this story, and some may even be changed in their hearts towards God.

Sarmishta (Pastor’s wife @ Anugraha Church)

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