At the most meeting of the RPCS, Presbytery placed on record their thanks and deep appreciation to Dr. Andrew Quigley for all that he has done in his 24 years of wholehearted service in the RPCS Presbytery.  This included, serving for almost 20 years at Presbytery Clerk, casting the vision for establishing; the Reformation Tours ministry, the Semester in Scotland program, the Good News magazine, Let’s Worship God weekly reading notes, RPCS Theological Seminary, and helping Rev. Matt Filbert realise his vision for RP Missions.

He played a key role in the initial Glasgow church plant and in North Edinburgh and was involved in the establishment of the Stornoway church,  as well as serving recently on the Stranraer Session.  He was also the initiator of the RPCS Presbytery’s role in the formation of the RP Global Alliance.  During this time he positively represented the RPCS in the wider Reformed Church in Scotland and in the RP Church in Ireland, North America and Japan, and through those contacts was able to encourage both prayer and substantial financial support for the RPCS.

In presenting Dr. Quigley with a gift from Presbytery, Rev. D Macdonald said about his service to the Scottish RP Church:

When you took up this service things were at a very low ebb in the RPCS but, by God’s grace and by your courage, zeal, drive, patience and faith, things began to improve and it must give you great satisfaction to see the turnaround that has now taken place in the denomination.


You managed the business of Presbytery competently, fairly, humourously on occasions, but always respectfully. Despite some meandering discussions you always managed to keep the Presbytery focused on the business in hand. We benefitted from your mature wisdom, guidance and hard earned experience.


We will miss all of this but our loss will be others’ gain.  Presbytery wishes you God’s rich blessing as you take up the work of the Gospel in the new pastures of Canada. We pray that you will know God’s hand upon you and God’s presence with you and your family as they share with you in this new venture of faith.

In responding to Rev. Macdonald’s comments, Andrew expressed his overwhelming thanks to his fellow elders and the Airdrie congregation who shared in this vision with him over the years. He also spoke warmly of his thankfulness to the Presbytery for the privilege under Christ of serving with them throughout the years, something which he said he would greatly miss.

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