The Presbytery of the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Australia met on 4 August. Jonathan Blakston opened the meeting with devotions from Psalm 73:23-24, reminding the meeting of the care God has for his people – in this life and in the life to come.

The Presbytery has been working to revise the RPCA strategy – an important document that will outline what we believe, why we exist, what we do and how we do it. Following a planning day with the elders of the RPCA in April this year, the Strategy Committee presented a draft version to Presbytery, who agreed to send this to each session and congregation for consideration and input.

A request from Camp Committee was received for Presbytery to take on the role of organising the speaker for the Fellowship Camp each year. This has traditionally been done by the organising committee. Presbytery agreed to this, agreeing that it allows us to make use of the connections we have with other churches and to be more intentional in considering the pastoral needs of the denomination when choosing topics. We encourage members to make use of the opportunities that camps and working bees provide for learning, encouragement and fellowship between our congregations. We would also like to acknowledge the amazing work the Camp Committee does in maintaining the camp site and organising the camp program each year – thank you!

Recognising our denomination’s need for more leaders in the church, Presbytery has decided that 14 October be set aside as a day of united prayer for God to raise up ministers of the Word in our midst. More information will be sent out to each congregation in the near future.

Finally, every Presbytery meeting includes a report on congregational life from each session and then prayer is offered in response. At this meeting, Graeme Hart also provided a report from his visit to the Christian Reformed Church of Australia synod and the Presbyterian Church of Eastern Australia Synod.

Josh Feldman, Presbytery Clerk

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