Greetings from Dallas, TX in the name of our Lord! If you are unaware, Texas has been booming. If you are looking for work, move to a business friendly locale, or if your Covenanter Youth are looking to start a career, put down roots, or come out here for their education, consider Texas!

The Covenanter church has only recently put down “roots” in Texas, but the Lord has now blessed us with three church plants. They are in Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW), Bryan/College Station, and San Antonio.

As for Dallas Forth Worth, companies continue to move here in droves thanks to the good business climate, low taxes, and skilled workforce (check out this news report!). Toyota has finished moving their North American headquarters here. Recently, Lockheed Martin has committed to add another 400 jobs in Fort Worth having met their goal to hire 1,800 in the area (read more here). Lots of companies are hiring in a variety of industries. But best of all, there’s an RP church in DFW! Pastor Mark Koller is the pastor.

For those who homeschool, Texas has a very favorable climate towards you. Our State Board of Education is chaired by Donna Bahorich, who homeschooled her three children. This caused some controversy, but is an indicator that homeschoolers are protected here. We also lead the nation in the number of children who are homeschooled. In addition, there are a variety of good private school options as well.

We have a Mission Church in Bryan/College Station, TX, where Steve Rockhill is the minister.  San Antonio has a preaching station with Pastor Jonathan Leach as minister.

If your young people are considering going to College, there are good options in the area. Living Way is a stone’s throw from Texas A&M and Dallas RPC is not too far from the University of North Texas and SMU.

As an additional incentive, there is no State Income Tax!

Even if you never move to Texas, if you ever find yourself in the vicinity of these three works on travel or vacation, let us know – we would love to meet you and worship with you. Please keep this area of the country in your prayers and that the Lord would bless the ministry of these churches. As you probably know, areas in the “Bible Belt” can sometimes be very difficult to minister to, as everyone thinks they are a Christian, even if they have never heard the gospel.

Thank you for your consideration and your prayers!
In Christ, Rom Prakashpalan, Elder @ Dallas RPC

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