A Go Relief Team helped members of the Glenmanus (Portrush) congregation with the painting of the interior of their church hall on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th June.


A scaffolding tower had been hired and this enabled the team to scale the heights and complete all the painting that could not be done from ground level. Over the next couple of weeks members of the congregation were able to paint all the woodwork and complete the job.

The annual Summer Bible readings were held in the newly decorated hall from Tuesday 3rd – Thursday 5th July when Rev. Mark G. Johnston (Bethel Presbyterian Church, Cardiff) spoke on the theme, ‘Solid Joys and Lasting Treasure.’ The congregation was encouraged by a good attendance at these meetings where all present benefited from the faithful preaching of God’s Word.


With the hall recently redecorated (thanks to the efforts of the Go Relief Team and members of the congregation) the Glenmanus congregation had a special evening on Tuesday 10th July to celebrate the 30th & 60th wedding anniversaries of Samuel & Helen McCollum and Bertie & Audrey Johnston.


A lovely meal was served, flowers presented, Mr & Mrs played, and musical entertainment provided by Heather & David Loughridge and Daniel McCollum.

A big thank you to those who organized the evening and to all who played their part in making it a success.

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