The 29th of July, was Rev Dr. Andrew Quigley’s last Sabbath as the minister of Airdrie RP Church (after 24 years!). Needless to say it was an emotional day for both the minister, his family, and the congregation and a day that clearly demonstrated the deep love of one for the other.


As a congregation we are so thankful for all the ways in which the Lord has richly blessed us through the Quigley family and used Dr Quigley in his faithful preaching and pastoring for our growth in grace.

There was much prayer offered throughout the day giving thanks to God for what He has done, praying for the Quigleys in their upcoming transition to Canada, praying for what the Lord will do through the Quigleys at Ottawa RPC, and praying for what the Lord will continue to do here in Airdrie.

Our prayers are with the Quigleys, and with the congregation and leaders in Ottowa. We trust they know that we are “sending him who is our very heart” (Philemon 1.12).

Karen Reyburn

As a church family we enjoyed a congregational meal together, and Mr Ian Shaw formally thanked Dr Quigley for all his years of service and made a financial presentation to him on behalf of the congregation.

After the evening service, the congregation gathered around the Quigley family while the Session prayed for them.

The time of prayer and benediction after the evening service (at which I do not think there was a dry eye) has no pictures, but will live in memory in a beautiful way. We look forward to how God will use this family as they move on.   Karen Reyburn

Though we send them to Canada with tears, we are so thankful and rejoice in all the Lord has done and will continue to do for us and them, and we trust in Him for the future.


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