From the 20th – 22nd of July, the Midwest CY Summer Retreat was hosted by the Quinter RPC. The retreat was held at the Shepherd’s Staff Conference and Retreat Center in Rexford, KS. 

Nearly 70 young people (aged 14-24) from across the Midwest Presbytery attended the retreat. 


Pastor Mathew Sexton (from the Quinter congregation) gave 5 lectures on:  Baptism, The Church According to God, The Essence of the Church and Why It Matters, What’s So Great About Presbyterianism, and Inhabiting the Gospel: The Church as a Tether to Reality.


During free time, CY members enjoyed spending time together and playing various games like sand volleyball, spike ball, frisbee and multiple card and board games.

We are excited to have Kyle Borg as the speaker for our fall retreat. The retreat will be held at Sterling RP church in Kansas.  

Lois Skubal, CY Secretary 

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