The First Reformed Presbyterian Church of Phoenix has been serving God in the Metro-Phoenix area for the past 68 years now. For many that might not seem that long, especially those in places like Scotland and Ireland, where the church might be centuries old.  We have tried to be faithful to the doctrines of our denomination and the Reformed church as a whole over the years, striving to worship God as He has called us to, and to proclaim the truth of the Gospel to the lost in our city.

Many of the youth of our church are starting to make their way either to college, and others who have finished this time are starting into their careers. We are blessed to see that they have all made professions of faith and are desiring to walk faithfully in their lives serving our Lord. At this time we only have about six or seven teenagers and two younger children. Pray that God will bring in more children to this congregation.

Right now we are at a place where we are small in number once again, but trusting that God might continue to bring in the increase in His good timing. Pastor Jon Maginn has served as pastor here since February of 2000, and will prayerfully retire on April 1, 2019.

We have been seeing pastoral candidates for a number of months now and are planning on two more. Prayerfully we will be able to make a wise choice after seeing them.

We have been greatly blessed by God in the past few years. Still, at the same time we have been going through some very difficult trials. We are most thankful for Elders Shipman and Anseth as well as Deacons DJ Shirey and Kevin Willson, who have all served us faithfully for a number of years now.


Jon Maginn, Pastor 

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