The Presbytery of the RP Church of Scotland met on the 8th-9th June at Airdrie RP Church. Rev. Joel Loughridge from the Irish RP Church and Rev. Bruce Parnell from the North American RP Church were there to bring greetings from their respective denominations.

Amongst the many items of business that took place, Rev. Andrew McMillan was received into the denomination as a RPCS minister without charge. Previously in the military and then a police officer, Rev. McMillan has been a minister in the Church of Scotland and the Free Church. He and his wife, Brenda, live in Inverness.

Also as part of the business of Presbytery, a presentation was made to Rev. Dr. Andrew Quigley for his service within the denomination.  Rev. Peter Loughridge is the new interim moderator of the Airdrie congregation. Presbytery agreed, because of the exceptional circumstances of Rev. Dr. Andrew Quigley’s call, to grant his request to be relieved of his responsibility as Moderator of the Airdrie RP congregation and resign as minister of the congregation effective from 1st August.

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