Every year the three RP congregations in Australia get together for our annual Fellowship Camp. It is always a blessed time of fellowship and encouragement for all ages as we get together for camp. This year was a little different from most years. It’s a year in-between our 3 year cycle of organisers, so we had a simpler and less involved program this year as well as a shorter camp. Camp ran from Friday afternoon – Sunday afternoon.

There were games and activities such as a movie night, where we watched chariots of fire, board games, skipping, and bush walks. We had a few special things planned, an opportunity to meet the neighbours down the road from where our camp is. They talked about farming and living in the Yarra Valley, and how we can be better neighbours to each other.

We also took a packed lunch on the Saturday and went to visit Murrindindi reserve about 30 minutes away from our camp. It was nice to explore the area a bit more, and the kids (and several adults!) enjoyed getting wet in the creek.

We had delicious food cooked by several different couples over the course of the weekend. We’re thankful for those who served in this way. We always have duty groups to help with the prep and clean up before and after each meal, and it’s one of my favourite things to be washing and drying dishes beside someone that you can strike up a conversation with.

There was a prayer meeting each morning before breakfast led by Lynsey Blakston. Jono Feldman led us in Family worship each morning during breakfast. Camp wouldn’t be camp without a psalm sing together. It is always such a blessing to together sing praise to God, both singing favourites, and singing psalms to some less than familiar tunes. On the Lord’s Day, Brandon Fisher led us in Worship and preached on Galatians 5:13-16 about how we have been freed from slavery to sin and we are free to use the law. It always is a blessing to gather together from our 3 congregations for worship.

The camp was certainly a blessed time of fellowship for all who came, several for the first time. We are so thankful for Dixons Creek Camp and for the opportunities we have to use this for times of gathering together. The hope is that these camps draw us closer to God and to each other. There was plenty of time for good conversations together, over meals, doing the dishes, and while sitting outside in the sunshine. It is good to share the gospel and our lives together in this way. Every time I’m at Dixons Creek for a camp, Psalm 133 comes to mind: Behold how very good it is a pleasant thing to see, when brothers join to live as one in peace and unity

Maria Blackwood, Frankston RPC

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