Please pray for the meeting of Great Lakes-Gulf Presbytery today at the Southside RPC in Indianapolis.  This is a special meeting for glad reasons.  We hope to examine several men in various stages of training for the ministry.

By the end of the afternoon we hope to have two men licensed to preach and another man, Licentiate Joel Hart (pictured above), ready and approved to be ordained and installed, soon, as Associate Pastor at the Second RPC in Indianapolis (congregation pictured below).  As well, other men just starting the process will be having some of their first examinations.

We have a very ambitious schedule! Please pray for:

1.. Safety in travel to and from the meeting for all delegates able to attend.
2.. The ability of those examined to do well.
3.. Joyful sending forth of men to preach the Gospel of peace.
4.. The Lord of the Harvest to send more workers into His field.
5.. An abundant harvest of souls and much fruit to His glory.

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