Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary will offer an intensive church planting class May 21-25. In cooperation with Global Church Advancement, MS72 Church Planting is designed to lay the crucial foundations necessary to plant a church. It is designed for those preparing to do so, those already involved in a new work, or those wanting to support such work. Set up as in-class training sessions, an in-depth Church Planting Plan will be developed through this course that will help participants know the practical steps they should take in bringing the gospel to new communities and fields.

MS72 will be taught by Dr. Barry York, RPTS Professor of Pastoral Theology, who was involved in the planting of churches in Indiana, served on his denomination’s Home Mission Board, and has been a consultant to other sites. He will be assisted by another pastor and elder who have extensive church planting background. RPTS students can sign up as part of their fall registration. This class is open to auditors for the inexpensive rate of $99, so would be an excellent way for local pastors, elders, and laypeople desirous to church plant to attend either individually or together in teams to work on church planting plans. If interested, contact Director of Admissions Ed Blackwood at (412) 731-6000 or

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