We are small, but growing, congregation on the outskirts of Belfast. The congregation is comprised of people of different ages and drawn from various backgrounds.

A reformed witness was initially established in Knockbracken about 1780. The site of our present Meeting House is shared with the denominational College and Bookcentre. We are prayerfully seeking to extend Gospel witness into our immediate locality and surrounding district.

We constantly endeavour to build up the believers through regular instruction in the whole counsel of God. Committed as we are to the teachings and practices of the Westminster Standards, we earnestly desire the pre-eminence of Christ in all things, to the Glory of God.

We are always refreshed when visitors join us to share in the various aspects of our congregational worship and witness.

Andrew Kerr, Minister @ Knockbracken RPC

A note from the RPGA Editors : If you are ever visiting Belfast please do make a point of visiting with and encouraging this small congregation! You will be warmly welcomed!


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