E-books are arriving at the Library of the Reformed Presbyterian Seminary! Librarian Tom Reid has begun adding such resources for the benefit of our patrons, especially students at a distance. The first book added was actually fifty-nine volumes, the nineteenth century edition of the collected writings of John Calvin in the Corpus Reformatorum series. You can access it most easily under its name: Ioannis Calvini opera quae suspersunt omnia. Among the seventy-three titles already added at the time of this report are: John Girardeau, Instrumental Music in the Public Worship of the Church; James Hewison, The Covenanters; Pierre du Moulin, The Anatomy of the Mass; and World Missionary Conference, 1910 (9 volumes). To access any of them, search for them in the Library’s catalog on TREE (its website), and click on Downloadable.

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