Last Thursday in Stranraer we had our Annual General Meeting, which provided a great opportunity to look back at the past year. You can read the full AGM report here. After a brief meeting we enjoyed some takeaway food together. The last two years the AGM has been in the manse, but this year we have outgrown it and met together in the hall!

IMG_3625.jpg  IMG_3630.jpg


Some of the highlights of 2017 were three new members joining our congregation, increasing attendances at both services, being able to double how much we’re contributing towards our running costs (which had been largely covered by Presbytery) and the refurbishment of the church hall.


Lesley (pictured at the top of his page) and Gerald received tokens of our appreciation for the time they spent painting and work on our new church hall. We also celebrated two birthdays on the night, and enjoyed some chocolate cake after our fish and chips! It was a wonderful time of fellowship and reflection.

Stephen Steele, Stranraer RPCS


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