On 24th February, over 40 people gathered in the Airdrie church hall for a Skype video call with the pastor and elder from the Reformed Presbyterian church plant in Bangalore, India.  We heard about the background of these two men, how the church plant developed, their vision for the future of the work, and things we can pray about.

It was humbling to hear about the different challenges they face in both the immensity of the city (13 million people) and the fact that if the church grows through men and women coming to faith in Christ, physical persecution will become a very real threat.   But it was also very encouraging to be reminded not only of the needs we have in common – leadership within the church, salvation of family members, etc. – but also that we serve the same Lord Jesus Christ, and nothing can hinder Him from saving by many or by few.

After the video call, we then enjoyed a lovely Indian meal together.  It was a very enjoyable evening to come together and hear about what Christ is doing in another part of the world.

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