This year’s winter retreat (or “advance” as we learned to think of it) took place in Colorado Springs, held by the Springs Reformed Church.   Curiosity filled many of the youth’s thoughts about what things we would hear about with a topic like “Medical Ethics”. Medical ethics is an incredibly difficult topic.  Technology has advanced so far that it has nearly exceeded our morality.  We struggle to understand the implications of the things we are now capable of doing.

The retreat officially began and after excitedly greeting one another, we gathered to hear the first lecture.  Jorge Klajnbart was the speaker and as soon as he began to speak, it was obvious how experienced and knowledgeable he was on the subject.  Knowing how to honor God in every aspect of our lives is critically important but we don’t often talk about ethics in the medical field and the details of what morality looks like when it comes to birth control, life support, medicines and the cloning of cells or preservation of life.  No medical ethics were left off the table and Jorge Klajnbart made it absolutely clear that if we had any questions, no matter how personal, we could come and talk to him about them and he’d be more than happy to pray for us as well.

It was such an incredible time of growth and learning and there were many tears as we learned that he was spending some of his last days with us to help us grow and to be with us.  Please be praying for Jorge Klajnbart and his family.

His loving spirit and God-given care were a huge inspiration and example of Christ’s care for us, and were on our minds as we were able to do multiple service projects over the weekend, from passing out tracts around the beautiful neighborhoods at the foot of the mountains, to singing the Psalms for residents at nearby nursing homes.

As the retreat came to an end we all said our goodbyes but some stayed for some post-retreat skiing! Overall, it was an incredible time of encouragement and advancement in our walks with the Lord.

Avery Watson, Midwest CY Secretary

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