Approximately fifteen men recently got together for a one-night stay in Gracefield Quebec, Canada. Members of the Reformed Presbyterian Churches of Russell, Almonte, Ottawa, and Hudson St. Lazare were in attendance. The attendees arrived after dinner on Friday evening, stayed one night, spent most of Saturday as well and returned home on Saturday evening after dinner.

Pastor Matthew Dyck of Almonte lead three sessions, one Friday evening, one Saturday morning, and one Saturday afternoon in the book of Revelations under the title “Growing a Conquering Faith.” Each session pondered the impact and influence of the False Prophet from Revelation 13:1-10, the Harlot of Babylon from Revelation 17, and the Beast of Revelation 13:11-18, and each of these contrasted to the person of Jesus Christ and the conquering salvation He brings. Application was made to our personal lives, and to our current culture. We were challenged to be watchful and discerning so we do not fall into temptations that so easily ensnare us.

The aspect of this weekend that is so relished by those in attendance is the communion amongst men of various stages in life. We had the opportunity to break into small groups to pray together, to pray for each other, and to encourage one another in our various responsibilities in life. We also had the opportunity Saturday afternoon for a hike through the surrounding countryside and a ping pong tournament was organized. Relationships were established that felt longer and deeper than the two days that we had known one another.

This is the third such weekend getaway and is greatly enjoyed by those who attend. The next conference in the spring of 2018 is looked forward to with anticipation.

Eric White

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