Serve Japan Short Term Missions Team 2017

On the 8th of December, after months of planning, the Australian short term missions team left for Japan. This team consisted of 7 members, Alistair McEwen, Maria and Benjamin Blackwood, Dillon Schwertly, Ben Blakston, Mei Stewart and Bella Kent.

God blessed us with an amazing 3 week experience in Japan, and although we were sad to leave, we knew that this trip would have lasting implications on each and every one of our lives, and the lives of those we left behind.

Whilst in Japan, we were able to serve and encourage the RPCJ and all its members. God enabled us to do this in many ways, such as through, women’s bible studies, mid-week prayer meetings, children’s english classes, leaflet drops, worshiping together on Sundays as well as many more.

We were so blessed to be met with such friendly people and smiling faces. Each person we met welcomed us like we truly were family. And as our dear friend Yuki san said after asking if we were Christian, ‘If you are Christian, we are all family.’ The more I think about it this, despite being the cutest thing ever, was and is so true for our experience in Japan.

One of the team members, Mei, has said a few times, that the reason we can feel so close and be such amazing friends with people we’ve never met before and only spend a short time with, is because of God. It’s because we all share this saving faith in him and through him, we really are family.

I guess it took a trip to a whole other country for me to realise it. To realise how similar we are to people all around the world. It was incredible to walk into church, and although the psalms may have been in an unfamiliar language the tunes were familiar, and although we couldn’t understand, we knew we were singing the same words as we do back home. And that is such an amazing feeling. To see people praying and praising the same God as I do was such an incredible thing to witness. God is good.

The church in Japan is small, and needs encouragement, but God is working in Japan, and in the hearts of Japanese people. God works through people, and in our trip to Japan I think God worked through us.

Please, if you would like to know more about the church in Japan, or about their situation I would recommend this video made by the RPCJ. Pray for them and

-Bella Kent,  Geelong RPCA

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