Girls Adventure Camp. 3 of my favourite words. What do they mean to me? Well, catching up with friends, doing fun, new activities and learning more about our saviour Jesus Christ.

This year was my last ever GAC camp reunion. But it did not disappoint. (I arrived on Friday night late as usual just in time). Our first talk “Who is Jesus?” given by Karen Turner taught us about Jesus in relation to God, creation, the church, and you and me, with an overall message of Jesus is Lord over our lives and redeemer of all things. In the second talk: “Who we are with Jesus and what we were before him” Karen talked to us about what Jesus did and most importantly that he died on the cross for you and ME! To complement our talks, we had workshops each taken by a different officer. These covered living for God at home. Living for God in church with the 4 main aims of the church to worship God, to mission to the people around us, to have fellowship with one another and to have compassion onto everyone. And, Living for God in school. I found this one most helpful as we can often find it hard to stand by God when everyone else is going against him. We were taught to be kind and to display God in our actions while being courageous as Christians.

Activities didn’t disappoint with the GAC Cereal Apprentice. Making our own fresh flower crowns! This was such a relaxing activity; we were able to sit and make our crowns while we chatted and caught up with one another. This what topped off by a visit to the cinema in Portrush where we watched Hidden Figures about the women who worked behind the scenes for NASA, the perfect film for GIRLS adventure camp.

After some well needed fresh air and a time of psalm singing on Sunday, we joined Dervock Church in worship led by Rev. Philip Dunwoody. Who preached on Wisdom for our Words, using proverbs, reminding us of the power our words hold and the great good they can do. Proverbs 25v11 “A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.” After church we were treated by the Dervock ladies to a delicious roast dinner.

This brought an end to an amazing weekend of fun, friends and fellowship. As our parents began to arrive the inevitable was becoming clear, our last ever junior camp reunion had come to its end. And although it was sad, we were reminded by Rachel that bigger adventures were in store for us next; a new world of senior camp was now beginning.

Anna Murphy, Riverside RPC

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