The Russell Reformed Presbyterian Church is located in the town of Russell, just outside of Ottawa, Canada’s capital city. A member congregation of the St. Lawrence Presbytery, Russell RPC was founded in 1997 as a mission church under the care of the Ottawa Reformed Presbyterian Church. Rev. Matthew Kingswood, originally from southern Ontario has faithfully ministered to this congregation from 1997 right up to the present day.

Russell RPC now encompasses between 30 and 40 families and celebrated its 20th anniversary in October last year. The congregation meets for worship twice every Sunday, with various Bible studies and fellowship groups occurring throughout the week. Over the years the Lord has richly blessed Russell RPC with growth, by means of new families as well as with many children.

An annual Vacation Bible School, ministry to seniors and other community involvement are a few of the ways in which this congregation seeks to reach out and share the gospel with the those the Lord has placed in Russel

Elia Vedder

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