Last weekend I attended Senior Camp Reunion for the first time. I travelled over on the ferry from Scotland with Jess and Emily, who were also attending the reunion.

Over the weekend the focus of the talks were on body and soul. On Friday night the talk was on Humanity and what really stuck with me was that we are the image bearers of God, all of us, even from the womb and because we are made in Gods image we’re able to see the difference between right, and wrong. Andy also spoke on suffering. He said that we all had faced suffering at least once and that as we get older, we will experience much more for example bereavement. In these times of suffering, no matter how painful God IS with us and we depend on him to guide us is both the big things and the small things.

On Saturday afternoon we all drove down to the nearby seaside town, Portrush. We did a trade for trade and my team ended up with two extra freebies!! It was a pretty grey day but we still had so much fun!

The highlight of reunion was definitely seeing everyone that I had met in the summer again and being able to have fellowship together. It all past SO quickly!! I can’t wait to see everyone again in the summer 😊

Eilidh Campbell, Glasgow RPCS

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